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cups on Solaris 10

How to add cups on Solaris 10 using opencsw.org

First install pkgutil package
pkgadd -d http://get.opencsw.org/now

The list of all available packages http://www.opencsw.org/get-it/packages/

/opt/csw/bin/pkgutil –download cups  (just download cups and all dependencies)
/opt/csw/bin/pkgutil –install cups  (install cups and dependencies)

svcadm disable application/print/ipp-listener (if is enable)
svcadm disable application/print/rfc1179 (if is enable)
svcadm disable application/print/server
svcadm enable cswcups

Delete all printers definition from /etc/printers.conf

Some changes on Solaris 10 :
/usr/bin/ rename the following files;

mv /usr/bin/lp /usr/bin/lp.solaris
mv /usr/bin/lpstat /usr/bin/lpstat.solaris
mv /usr/bin/cancel /usr/bin/cancel.solaris
ln -s /opt/csw/bin/lp /usr/bin/lp
ln -s /opt/csw/bin/lpstat /usr/bin/lpstat
ln -s /opt/csw/bin/cancel /usr/bin/cancel

/usr/sbin/ rename the following files;

mv /usr/sbin/lpadmin /usr/sbin/lpadmin.solaris
mv /usr/sbin/lpmove /usr/sbin/lpmove.solaris
mv /usr/sbin/accept /usr/sbin/accept.solaris
ln -s /opt/csw/sbin/lpadmin /usr/sbin/lpadmin
ln -s /opt/csw/sbin/lpmove /usr/sbin/lpmove
ln -s /opt/csw/sbin/accept /usr/sbin/accept

Cups logs are in /var/opt/csw/log/cups (access, error, pages)

Tips on http://localhost:631/

  • To resume a printer select the printer then go to Maintenance/Resume Printer
  • To cancel all jobs select the printer then go to Maintenance/Cancel All Jobs